Scientific Board/Peer Review Committee

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board/Peer Review Committee is composed by the following Professors (in construction):

    • Abdelilah Suisse
    • Ana Margarida Lima Ramos
    • Ana Maria Bernardes
    • Ana Maria Ramalheira
    • Anthony Barker
    • António Barreira Moreno
    • António Manuel Ferreira
    • António Manuel Lopes Andrade
    • Carlos de Miguel Mora
    • Carlos Morais
    • David Damrosch
    • Eugénio Lisboa
    • George Monteiro
    • Isabel Cristina Assunção Rodrigues
    • João Manuel Torrão
    • Katrin Herget
    • Luís Machado de Abreu
    • Lurdes Moutinho
    • Maria Eugénia Pereira
    • Maria Fernanda Brasete
    • Maria Hermínia Amado Laurel
    • Maria Luísa Álvares Pereira
    • Maria Manuela Gouveia Delille
    • Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro
    • Maria Teresa Cortez 
    • Maria Teresa Roberto
    • Nuno Rosmaninho
    • Onésimo Teotónio Almeida
    • Otília da Conceição Martins
    • Paulo Alexandre Pereira
    • Reinaldo Silva
    • Rosa Lídia Coimbra
    • Telmo Verdelho

Note: Invitations are currently being sent out to renowned Portuguese and foreign scholars with outstanding records of scholarly excellence, internationally acknowledged, for appointment to the peer review committee.


Reviewer's Report Form [PDF]
Reviewer's Report Form [Word]

All members of the Scientific Section of the Department’s Council are automatically eligible to sit on the Scientific Board and the Peer Review Committee. Add to this a group of external specialists – national or international – who are not affiliated with the University of Aveiro but with similar teaching and research interests as those scholars associated with the DLC/CLC. The Coordinator for each volume may also invite to this Board one or a few specialists whose scholarship falls within the range of the volume’s topic and in the event the journal’s board also deems such a procedure is justified.

The duties of the Scientific Board and the Peer Review Committee are as

    • suggest a few names of specialists who may be asked to issue blind reviews on the submitted articles, but in cooperation with the Coordinator of the respective thematic volume and the Editorial Board;
    • make an overall assessment of each individual volume after it has undergone publication;
    • schedule meetings with the Chairperson and the Editorial Board whenever these are needed.