Editorial Board

The current editorial board is composed by the following Professors:


The editorial board is composed by the Director and two faculty members affiliated with the DLC whose role consists in ensuring that all the required conditions for the general activity of the journal are met, namely:

  1. assess and select the proposals submitted for the thematic volumes as well as the coordinators to be presented to the members of the DLC integrating the Scientific Committee, while taking into account the variety of themes and the diversity of their scholarly interests;
  2. post the call for papers in a timely fashion on the journal’s webpage as per the guidelines submitted by the coordinator(s) of the volume;
  3. comply with deadlines;
  4. establish publication quality standards;  
  5. assess the volumes that have already been published.


The Director of the Revista da Universidade de Aveiro – Letras (RUA-L) is appointed by the Chairperson of the Department of Languages and Cultures (DLC) at the University of Aveiro (UA), after consulting with the Secção Científica do Conselho do Departamento (SCCD; Scientific Board of the Department’s Council), and his or her appointment coincides with that of the Department’s Chairperson. The duties of the Director of the RUA-L are:

  • refer two members to the SCCD of the DLC who will integrate the Editorial Board’s team, chosen among the faculty staff at the DLC;
  • guarantee compliance with deadlines and publication guidelines;
  • comply with regulations concerning the process of selecting names of specialists to the referee/peer-review committee who will be asked to issue blind reviews on the articles submitted for publication;
  • along with the Coordinator and the Editorial Board, provide for the publication of book reviews and notices regarding cultural events, while taking into account that in addition to the essays composing the volume’s special topic, other items such as independent topics (up to a maximum of 20%), book reviews, dissertation abstracts of theses defended at the DLC, news, etc. may also feature; 
  • establish a fruitful interaction between the Journal and the Department’s Research Center (Centro de Línguas e Culturas);
  • select and train four undergraduate students enrolled in the Estudos Editoriais (Publishing Studies) degree program to carry out a few administrative tasks pertaining to the RUA-L;
  • schedule meetings with the Coordinator, the Editorial Board and/or the Journal’s Scientific Council whenever these are deemed necessary.