Natural Language Generation in the context of Multimodal Interaction in Portuguese

José Casimiro Pereira, António J. S. Teixeira, Joaquim Sousa Pinto


In many situations, systems and people have to interact and share information. With demographic ageing a group of users that deserves special attention are the older adults. Multimodal interaction aims to improve the interaction between human users and electronic devices. A key technology for the output part of a Multimodal system isconversion of the concepts handled by systems into readable text or audible speech output, area with almost no work for Portuguese. As a starting point for the development of output generation modules for use in multimodal interaction contexts, we developed, as proof of concept, a prototype of a NLG module to support transmission of information ondrugs to older adults based on a data-driven translation approach. First sample results of the generation are presented.


natural language generation; NLG; multimodal interfaces; fission; adaptability to users; data to text; portuguese

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