From me to you: one-to-one interaction based performance in music and sonic arts

Min Kim


My paper will examine the potential that is offered by adopting one-to-one performance
within music and sonic arts. I will discuss how this approach can contribute to broadening the
spectrum of sound performances by expanding and blurring the boundaries with other forms of
performing arts.
In Intimate Inter-actions: Returning to the body in One to One performance, performance art
scholar Rachel Zerihan recognises how one-to-one performance format has recently gained
popularity within theatre and live art (2006: 2). Likewise, an increasing number of artists within
music and sonic arts can be observed creating one-to-one live performance works. Their recent
works offer new methods of sonic exchange and provoke different forms of human interaction as
well as liberating performances from conventional venues.
I will draw on recent live performance pieces including my own works that deploy this strategy. My
aim is to illustrate how these works successfully managed to present a new performance
experience and led the audience to discover sonic qualities that would be difficult to demonstrate in
conventional performance settings.


sonic arts; live art; one-to-one performance; practice-based research

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