Using SymbalooEDU as a PLE Organizer in Higher Education

Victoria Marin, Jesús Salinas, Bárbara De Benito


This paper presents a case study related to the use of personal learning environments (PLE) in higher education. In this study, SymbalooEDU, a self- management tool was used. This tool allows students and teachers to organize their bookmarks, RSS and widgets in a visual way, using tabs and blocks with colours and different space distribution. Although it can be used for different purposes, its use as a PLE organizer seems to be interesting. This study aims to find out whether personal learning environments powered by institutions are meaningful and useful for students and lecturers to learn; what students do with this tool at a personal and academic level and what type of elements they include; and whether this kind of tools facilitate merging formal and informal learning. The data were gathered through questionnaires, interviews and observation, and results and conclusions are drawn up from these data. 

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