Adaptive Multimedia Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Daniel G. Costa, Luiz Affonso Guedes, Francisco Vasques, Paulo Portugal


Multimedia transmissions over wireless sensor networks may provide valuable information of the monitored field, enhancing monitoring and control applications. However,multimedia streaming can considerably shorten the expectedlifetime of battery-operated sensor networks due to the largeamount of information to be transmitted from multimediaenabled source nodes. On the other hand, multimedia data may have different relevancies for the application, depending on the performed monitoring tasks and the application requirements.In such context, we propose an adaptive context-aware energyefficient multimedia transmission approach, where intermediate nodes may consider its current residual energy level and preconfigured energy thresholds to decide if multimedia packets must be relayed to the next hop or silently discarded. Doing so, energy is saved and the expected network lifetime is enlarged, with controlled impact on the overall monitoring quality.


wireless sensor networks; energy-efficient adaptive transmission; multimedia streaming; packet relaying

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