Ideas on Environmental Education: a dialogue with postgraduate students in a Brazilian University

Ana Rute Amadeu Santana, André Luis de Oliveira, Ana Tiyomi Obara


The construction of meanings in Environmental Education throughout a scientific course for Master´s and Doctoral candidates in Education for a Science and Mathematics in a Brazilian University is diagnosed and evaluated. The qualitative research comprised illustrations, interviews, half-structured questionnaires and the preparation of proposals for projects based on postgraduate candidates´ knowledge and concepts formed during the course.  At first, the students forwarded a reductional and traditional view on the environment. Lectures and discussions were held during the semester. They dealt with the theoretical and practical principles that foregrounded Environmental Education, coupled to discussions within the social, political and cultural context. Results were positive since the postgraduate students´ concepts on environmental themes improved. However, in-depth and long term studies are required to build concepts within a more complex dimension on social and environmental reality. The insertion of environmentalism in the academic curriculum is highly relevant. It will attribute to Higher Institutions of Education an essential role in the preparation of responsible citizens and constructors of a democratic, just, equal and sustainable society with a view on future generations.

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Indagatio Didactica | ISSN: 1647-3582

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Este trabalho é financiado por Fundos Nacionais através da FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., no âmbito do projeto UID/CED/00194/2013.